Sourcesense in the press

The link-o-sphere is being kind to us as of late. Sourcesense has hit the press in a number of places, that is in chronological order:

  • yours truly was interviewed by the National Center for Information Technology in Public Administration. The interview is in Italian, so if you don’t grok Dante’s mother tongue I’m afraid you’re out of luck (Google’s automatic translation is funny but nearly useless). The title is “A development model for Open Source in Public Administration”, and it’s basically my take on why Open Source in the public sector makes sense only if the approach is comprehensive and geared towards nurturing communities and ecosystems, rather than just duplicating pieces of software all over the place. That’s the usual Open Development mantra, with a public sector twist.
  • I have been featured on Matt Asay‘s new blog for his “Open Source CEO” series. More on this later, when I’ll try and add a few comments on what I’m starting to consider as the Open Source value chain, based on (surprise!) participation and ecosystems.
  • Our partnership with Black Duck Software has been officially announced. I’m really, really happy to work with these guys, as I think their services make a lot of sense to the Open Source enterprise: IPR is going to play a significant role in the marketplace, and tools like Black Duck’s are going to make a huge difference.

The Sourcesense drum is beating. Which means more travel ahead for my poor tired back. But boy, this is getting to be real fun!