The Open Source sales cycle

I’m in tatters in Geneva, with a sore need to hit the bed before an early wake up and a set of important meetings tomorrow at some UN organizations, but I just couldn’t resist blogging what a guy told me today, while talking about the typical Open Source sales cycle:

Getting in touch with Open Source companies and having them provide information and sales support can be painful .The typical Open Source sales process is much like flying a low-cost airline. It’s simple, it’s safe, it’s effective and gets you where you want to go: you can try the software yourself, you can see what the costs are, you can do your math. However, don’t expect pre-booked seats or free booze: getting a sales guy to visit you is like asking for a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée on Ryanair.

I have to say I don’t fully subscribe to that. But the guy has a point.



3 thoughts on “The Open Source sales cycle”

  1. OpenSource companies range from the mainstream to the oddball. You (sourcesense) can do the suit-and-powerpoint bit people expect. Not all of us have that in our repertoire. People coming to me don’t a salesman, and if they insist on one, I can’t service them. Even just answering email queries can get chaotic.

  2. niq: actuallty the guy was talking about mainstream compaies. No one expects suit-and-powerpoint from individual consultants, problem is that’s becoming hard to get even from industry leaders..

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