Congratulations Paolo!

Sourcesense doesn’t have (yet) an "employee of the month" billboard but, if we had one, choice would be quite easy now. Paolo Mottadelli, one of our Cocoon/Alfresco/HippoCMS engineers, has just shown us how being a dedicated and passionate guy can bring impressive results by winning the Italian Decathlon Championships: time to celebrate!

I am constantly amazed by the impressive commitment and hard work that Paolo is able to pull out from his two-sided life. It takes something special for being a kick-ass enterprise engineer and a world class athlete in one of the hardest track ‘n fields events. Then again, Sourcesense people are a special breed, aren’t they?

Great stuff Paolo: we’ll be constantly keeping an eye on your athletics career and we definitely expect more great stuff to happen!



2 thoughts on “Congratulations Paolo!”

  1. Thank you Gianugo! I am very proud to receive such congrats by you! I’ll try to go on pushing hard and reach some even bigger goal in both fields!
    Thanks again.

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