iWork 08, anyone?

Looks like iWork08 is out. As a Keynote-addict and an SCM freak, I’m wondering if Apple got it right this time, and the software is now overwriting files within the stupid .key bundle instead than wiping the whole thing away and saving it again from scratch, therefore killing the .svn directory and making me curse Apple bundles altogether.

That alone would make my life much easier, and our corporate Subversion repository much more manageable: thus far, the only alternative I’ve got is tar’ing up the .key folder which, as you can imagine, is far from being optimal. As I don’t see any other compelling reasons for an upgrade (I’m not using Pages, and I’m not interested in yet another spreadsheet program), I would appreciate feedback from some early adopter before exercising my credit card…



4 thoughts on “iWork 08, anyone?”

  1. The issues still exists (Keynote appears to delete alien content inside the bundle whenever a new slide is added, while it retains it after an edit). Numbers is worth a look, indeed.

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