While you were out…

I’m back early from a mere week of vacation at the sea, and it seems quite some stuff has happened during those few days of poor Internet connection:

  • for one, talking about paradigm shifts, for the first time I found myself with (much!) more backlog in my aggregator than in my inbox.  Sign of the times, I guess.
  • SCO has just 25 days left before being delisted, after their stock plummeted when their stupid legal fight finally got turned down. If you invested in the legal firm disguised as a software company, you’re now getting what you really asked for: a big failure.
  • everyone is talking about the Citrix/XenSource deal which followed the dotcom-bubble reminiscent VMware IPO. As a side note, one of our Xen servers crashed the hard way right after the announcement. Still, virtualization matters.
  • meanwhile, Sourcefire continues their tradition of slippery-slope announcements by stating the acquisition of the ClamAV project. How on earth can you acquire an Open Source project kinda beats me, but hey, welcome to PR!
  • as anticipated, Microsoft has posted two licenses for OSI approval. Big yawn. All we’ve got is a couple of MPLish and LGPLish legalese vanity exercises. Unfortunately, as it was to be expected, instead than turning the submission down as it doesn’t bring anything new other than more proliferation, the discussion has shifted on why should the OSI bless the poster child of OSS bashing. Oh well, more on that later I guess.
  • Dana Blankenhorn has some interesting insights on why Sun is possibly abandoning the server business. No ships have been burnt as of yet, but while it might seem a bit far fetched, I can see how considering Sun a software company would make some sense indeed. Assuming they stop spreading FUD, that is.
  • Stefano doesn’t blog much as of late, but when he does, it’s a must read. While I’m not quite sold on de-centralized version control systems, his points on the combination of being overprotective against new stuff and missing important community building issues are spot on.
  • Erlang seems to be picking up quite a bit, as if we needed further evidence to understand why distributed, concurrent programming is going to be (one of) the Next Big Thing. Time to buy the book, I guess, assuming I don’t get sucked into spreadsheets too fast (alas, given I will be on a plane on Wednesday, this definitely seems to be the case. But it’s good to make propositions).

One more day of vacation, which will be spent into making huge quantities tomato sauce, pesto and more from the humongous supply of real vegetables we bought on our way back, then it’s back to business. Even though just looking at my upcoming travel agenda is enough to make me scream, the amazing stuff in front of me is making me eager to start another long stretch of working days. Looking forward to the next vacation, though.



1 thought on “While you were out…”

  1. re: spreading FUD, I thought spreading FUD was an integral part of “being a software company:)

    See SCO and MS supra

    re: de-centralized version control, I think it will take time to switch, much like it takes for people to “get” the concept. Pity it is still not even taught in a number of universities, at lease in Spain.

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