“Turn left at the bears, you’ll see elephants on your right”

This is the very first phrase I heard when me, Simone, and a truck full of beverages arrived to the location for this year’s Cocoon GetTogether. Such things happen if your conference venue is actually a zoo.

From then on, it has been an incredible roller coaster: you really don’t know what “busy, crazy busy” means until you have organized a conference.We have been through an amazing three days stretch with a great bunch of old friends and a surprising number of newcomers: the Cocoon community never ceases to amaze me: for the fifth time in a row we managed to get an incredible group of people, traveling from all over the world (even from Australia!) to enjoy the company of fellow Cocoon hackers and share some nice food and drink in sunny Rome.

I’m expecting to be in tatters for the next week or so, but I’m really, really enthusiastic about the conference so far. We had a productive hackathon, a couple of fantastic evening events and, of course, a conference packed full of great information about the latest and greatest in Cocoon-land (if you didn’t check the new Cocoon website, this is an excellent time to do so). I’m really lost for words when it comes to describing what we’ve been up to so far: just know that by missing the conference you’ve missed a chance to understand how loud an elephant trumpeting a tiny wall away from you can be. Or how you can eat humongous quantities of food, drink enormous quantities of wine and sing along at a table full of hackers in the Roman countryside. And this isn’t even scraping the surface of what the CocoonGT has been: you can probably get a small feeling of what we’ve been up to by looking at the photos popping up on Flickr, but that’s really not going to give you the full picture. You have to be here to understand how the Cocoon community is different, so stay tuned and don’t miss the sixth edition!