Size does matter

OK, I’m spoiled. The Milano office of Sourcesense has recently been shipped a batch of 24" Samsung monitors for our engineering team joy. As the guys were too lazy (or busy?) to unpack them all, and I had a couple of minutes with a greed for hacking, I did the dirty job myself and placed one on my desk. The productivity increase just blew my mind: as much as I’m not lacking large screens (I have a 17" MBP), having that huge stuff in front of my eyes made all the difference: I wasn’t quite expecting that, as unfortunately most of my job today is mostly about backoffice crap such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations (which is why I didn’t ask for one when we procured the babies), but I have to say that screen real estate is a value nevertheless.

Since when I’m not on the road I tend to work from home, I felt it was time to give my home office a treat, which is why I went hunting for my very own gigantic LCD. I was lucky enough to stick my hands on the cheapest brother of the Samsung family (245B, compared to the 245Ts we have at work): given the mixed reviews I was a bit scared I could notice a serious difference, but that wasn’t the case indeed. To my untrained eye, my new 400€ baby looks and feels just like the pricey guy sitting on my office desk. Sure, it’s lacking features, yet to be honest I don’t see any use for PiP and I can’t really anticipate lacking portrait mode on such a huge beast. Much recommended overall, especially if your gear supports DVI output: I give it a shot using the VGA adapter and I could sure notice the quality loss.

Talking about size, I’m now looking forward to shrink my portable equipment. While I love my 17", I have to say it’s getting a bit too heavy and bulky to carry around. Now, if only the rumors about the much sought of Mac Ultra Portable were true, I’d be a happy puppy. I guess I have a very good reason to wait for his Steveness to keynote at Macworld and hopefully give us some good news: given my upcoming long list of US trips (Boston in January, then San Francisco both in February and March), I could easily enjoy the Euro advantage and switch to something that eases the pain on my back.