Dude, where is my stash?

Long story short, as you might have read this already: in 2006 the Italian government decided to set some funds aside for “Information society projects”, with an added proviso to prioritize Open Source ventures to be hosted on a Government-selected public website. We are not exactly talking peanuts, as the Open Source piggybank was to be filled with 10M€. I know that sounds like pocket money if you consider the 75M€ that went down the drain for italia.it, or even the 10M€ of taxpayer money funding project Qualipso. Still, I’m pretty sure we could have used them somewhat.

Anyway, fast forward one year, and the money has just disappeared. Not only that: the Ministry of Technology Innovation for the Public Sector (or whatchamacallit) just forgot to select the web infrastructure to host the projects to be funded (whoops… execution, anyone?), and as a consequence nobody knows what happened to those funds. While I’m not going to lose any sleep over it (I’m not a fan of subsidized projects), as a tax payer I would love to hear what our beloved politicians have to say about it. If anything at all, as my take is that the money was either cashed in by someone doing preparatory studies and symposia, or just used to change the Ministry’s light bulbs.

Things like this luckily don’t go unnoticed: now that the badge below matches the colour scheme of my new blog, I don’t have any more lame excuses not to join the campaign launched by my fellow Italian buddies (Roberto, Flavia, Stefano and others), by posting the appropriate badge below (the target link will be in Italian, but I guess you’ve got the picture anyway). Feel free to disseminate!

Dove sono finiti i fondi per il Software Libero?



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