A quick one on MySQL and BEA

Wow. Analysts and journalists must be having a very busy time today, and I'm expecting bulk loads of virtual ink to be spent in commentaries. I still have a day job, so I don't have much time to delve into one of the craziest days in IT, yet this thought just crosses my mind and I thought I'd share it. Both MySQL and BEA were founded in 1995: MySQL cashed in 1B$, setting a record point in OSS acquisition (and probably getting a notable premium), but still they are biting the dust when compared to the whopping 8.5B$ Oracle just cashed out for BEA (quite possibly getting a bargain deal).

Apples and oranges, I know, and there is no reason on earth to downplay a great and bold move by Sun and MySQL. Yet something that might be worth pondering while celebrating a great day for middleware. Needless to say, I will still be more than happy with a 1B$ trade sale.



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