Ite, missa est

So, the annual rite is over now and I have to say His Steveness left me with a mixed bag:

  • Time Capsule, aka Airport NAS. Nice, but nothing really worth a keynote spot in my opinion. Stefano just pointed me out this baby which seems to kick Apple's backside (modulo wireless) any minute.
  • iTunes movie rentals. 'Mkey, possibly disruptive down the road (just look at what happened to Blockbuster and Netflix stock quotes to see what I mean). Still, 1.000 titles, what gives? The beauty of iTunes, much like Amazon, is in the omni comprehensive catalog: without the long tail, there is little business out there for online shops, and with just a mere thousand titles, I trust Caddyshack won't be there (which will make my wife happy, by the way).
  • Apple TV, take 2. Ohwell, people kept saying that the first version failed because of lack of movie rentals, maybe this time it will fly. You won't find me lined up at an Apple store for this, though.
  • Last but not least, the MacBook Air. Lovely design indeed: that thing doesn't just fit in an envelope, it can be used to actually cut the sleeve open. I'm not a fan of curved bottoms, though (at least in computers), and  I'm far from impressed by the sizeable price tag and the non-replaceable battery. Finally, it doesn't look like something I could use everyday, yet it's pricey enough to make another primary machine difficult to justify to my budget conscious CFO. I will probably fall in love with it the minute I stumble in an Apple store, but until then I'm seriously considering the Asus eee PC (my wife just loves hers) as an alternative. Still, I guess I'll warm my credit card up, just in case…

Oh, and One More Thing (someone's got to say that today): the SSD HD price for the MBA is a joke. At 999$ a pop it's basically a loud "go away, nothing to see here". Great technology showcase indeed, but still well out of reach. Too bad.



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