Somebody gets me a lawyer!

The postman rang our doorbell today, asking for someone to sign a receipt for a certified letter.  I trust I'm not the only one who gets the shivers when certified letters knock on the door: it's rarely good news.

gasIt appears I'm in trouble: when I moved from my house in Milano three years ago, something must have slipped through the cracks, and I didn't receive, or noticed, the final settlement for the gas bill. The gas company is now going after me, threatening litigation and other bad stuff if I don't get my act together and pay the whopping sum of 5.28EUR. They are generous enough to provide me with a two days to find the monies, then they will send the hitman or try to find a way to have me pay my dues. 

So, let's see: 

  • According to the Italian Postal Service website, a certified letter costs 2.80EUR, plus 0.60EUR for the certified notice, so 3.40EUR total.
  • The only way to pay the sum is by showing up at a post office. Nevermind the utter waste of time, the Italian Post will shave me 1EUR for letting me go through a painful queue and hand them my precious, hard-earned money. So much for e-commerce, credit cards and modern payment methods.

Am I the only one thinking there is something horribly wrong here?     



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