Proprietary to Open Source: resistance is futile…

you will be assimilated.

So, 150M$ went to fill a few more boots as Nokia acquires Trolltech. Matt is already on the ball, asking  who's going to change the world for the better as the old guys continue their shopping spree, swallowing Open Source companies in a seemingly endless binge.

I'm not that worried. I think this is yet another step toward the much anticipated hybrid model that everyone is expecting. Also, I'll stick to what my ancestor Horace said about Greece being conquered by Romans:

Graecia capta, ferum victorem coepit (Horace, Ep. 2.1)

which would translate to "once Greece had been captured, it captured its wild conqueror", meaning that since the Roman Empire won Greece, the Greeks were able to influence the Roman culture so much that it just looked the other way around. Are we going to see the Open Source culture permeating proprietary companies and changing them from the inside? I guess this is yet another way of considering Open Source as a means to an end. 



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  1. I thought Siracusa summed up the difference between the Greeks and the Romans. A Greek amphitheatre was converted by the Romans to a Colosseum. Theatre to blood sports.

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