I hate airlines. With a passion.

The Open Source Think Tank has been a blast. I was planning to write a few comments but then I was stuck in one of my most horrifying travel nightmares. As much as nothing beats Alitalia, I have to say it's now a close call after British Airways tried their best to lose a customer. Long story short:

  • Boarded what seemed to be a great flight out of SFO, with lots of free seats and a plane pulling from the gate 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Awesome.
  • Too bad an engine failed to start, so we were back to the gate and sitting idle for the next two hours while engineers tried to understand what to do. How on earth they were expecting we would fly even if they managed to start a clearly defective engine kinda beats me but anyway…
  • Eventually, the flight was canceled and we went through the rebooking circus on a later flight: add one more our of standing in line only to find that my assistant didn't know how to rebook connecting flights.
  • Managed to board the next flight to LHR, which was obviously completely full. This meant another two hours on the tarmac waiting for BA to squeeze every possible passenger into the plane, and an overall three hours delay.
  • Uneventful flight to LHR, but delay obviously meant missing my connection. Rebooked on the latest flight, with three hours to kill in the lounge (thank God for Silver cards…).
  • Flight to MXP was of course delayed as per the majority of evening flights in Heathrow these days, so two more hours to go.
  • The taxi runway was a parking lot, so it took forever to take off.
  • Insult to injury, though it was to be expected, my bag is MIA despite repeated assurances that it got as far as LHR and it was about to be loaded on the Milan flight. I'm not sure that's actually a good thing.

I'll leave to readers imagination figuring out how frustrated, tired and pissed off I am. Especially when I consider that in six hours from now I will have to scavenge some clothes and head to the office, while trying to figure out where my luggage is. Time to give Lufthansa a shot?



6 thoughts on “I hate airlines. With a passion.”

  1. I’ve always had good luck with Lufthansa, and love their direct Portland, Oregon – Frankfurt connection, which is a massive timesaver.

    Had a horrible experience with AA this summer, and will never fly Air France again after they stole/lost my baggage and gave me a very measly amount of compensation.

    Lufthansa has usually been professional and friendly.

  2. Thanks David. I have to do some math and understand what Lufthansa can do for a power flyer like myself. Unfortunately, going through Frankfurt isn’t quite the best option at times, especially for EU travel. But hey, EasyJet to the rescue!

  3. I confirm David’d feedback but.. I almost falled asleep at FKT, and since they changed the gate (A area instead of B) I ended loosing the flight! :( As a matter of fact they closed the flight just in front of me, the “Italian touch” didn’t help me much.. :)

  4. Roberto: the trick that works for me is setting an alarm on the cellphone. I don’t trust airport displays after they played a few tricks on me in the past…

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