Now, about that Gulfstream waiting list…

Good news from Matt. IDC reports:

"IDC believes that if open source software is to continue its penetration into mainstream and enterprise environments, the ecosystem must evolve to include many service providers that are knowledgeable about open source software and can handle the integration, implementation, and training needs of end users in particular."

Gee, just slightly change the wording and that could well be Sourcesense's elevator pitch. Matt comments:

"Would the industry be better off with more and better-qualified consultants? Absolutely. Actually, a better way to ask this might be, would the industry be better off with more consulting companies actually owning up to how much open source they're already implementing? The answer to this is a resounding "Yes!" Accenture, SAIC, Cap Gemini, etc. are all using a tremendous amount of open-source software, but generally aren't working with the project leads/maintainers to do so (and I suspect aren't telling their clients about it, either)."

Given the sheer number of projects we participate and give back to (among which a whole bunch of Apache stuff, Spring, Ruby, Terracotta), not to mention the ever growing list of partners we help  in their market penetration exercise, that fits my bill as well. Still not convinced? Read what Marc Fleury has to say:

"Those who build the 'Mc Kinsey' of Open Source software, with the legitimacy of the heads of projects, will control the internet's infrastructure."

 Or, more specifically:

"[…] there is a viable niche in the future of OSS software in services. Note the 2 qualifiers to Matt's blanket statement. 1/ niche 2/OSS not 1/all 2/of software. The services models will scale. I always find myself amused when people broadly claim that 'Services don't scale, everyone knows that'. Because you know, IBM GS, McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, Atos Origin, CapGemini, you name it, these are all 2 bit little shitty companies, right?"

If you do the math, it's easy to understand why I'm having a great time. Ours is the place to be: our sustainable services-based business model fits hand in glove with the Open Source paradigm and ecosystem, we are growing our international presence, we met or (more often) exceeded our targets so far, we are expanding our partner network and we are constantly getting new customers and upselling existing ones. Our team is growing at an impressive scale, and I'm thrilled to see so many bright minds  sitting in our offices, with a long queue of people alike willing to join us.

As we finalize plans for our next fiscal year, the numbers in front of me are just mind boggling and make me wonder about how far we went since two years ago, when Sourcesense was me, a desk and a small cheque from a few savvy investors. Add lots of fun (and FF miles!) on top of this, and you will easily understand why I have this big smile on my face: I just love my job.



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  1. well, there’s a little thing, in my opnion, that enlighten your job and your company: you don’t sell brand, or simple project where many items are involved, you put your attention (you and your colleagues) to plant a seed of an idea, and let it grow through the client’s needs. Well that’s fantastic, it’s not only an object or a gant chart, but it’s a concept shaped around human ideas. Maybe it’s this your vantage point, sell concept, form solution environment, or maybe have fun in your job 😛

    e come si direbbe in italia, in bocca al lupo

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