Open Source Hero?

Apparently Microsoft is in for some big news today. See All we have now is the "{Forge} New Powers" tagline which seems to suggest (yet) another Open Source repository/community. If that's the case, I will have a gripe on the name itself, as it seems to focus heavily on the individual rather than on the community. Or maybe "Hero" will be the codename for  Open Source Vista/Office.

I will be playing with acronyms, speculate on alternatives and listen to the wire for the news: interesting times. 



4 thoughts on “Open Source Hero?”

  1. Italo: thanks. And yes, I happen to agree. I’m still curious to understand what Hero of the three will be Open Source. I suspect it’s Visual Studio (no big deal, then), and I would be extremely surprised if we’re talking about SQL Server or – God Forbid! – Windows Server. If it’s neither of the above then, well, why bother at all.

  2. Italo thanks for the “nice words”! I do not know if what you have written confirms that you do not have a brain, but I am sure that it shows that you are not such a well-mannered person.

  3. Gianugo… sorry… i forgot to explain that I am the girl who has been writing on the blog posted by Italo, who has not been very kind since he is supposed to criticize me (as he has done on his blog, where I have replied to him) … but… he prefers to insult me!

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