Catch 22

Oh. My. Dear. God. I have just been pointed out to my blog, and how the latest entry is more than a month's old. So much for my proposition of not letting London suck of all my time. I have plenty of excuses (such as it's hasn't been just a London's fault, as both Amsterdam and Milano have their share of guilt), but then again I'm fully realizing how blogging can be a strange beast: the more interesting stuff out there, the more time it takes to stay on the ball, and the less time I have to blog about it.

I guess that has to do with my attitude towards blogging, as I try to take care of my posts, phrase them correctly and write some sensible stuff to start with. Not being a native English speaker clearly doesn't help, but I guess I should try and find some balance between a carefully written blog post, the occasional brain dump and the twitter-like quick stuff.

Maybe I should get back to the original idea behind blogs, and commit to dumping my activity log over here almost everyday: at a very least, that will fulfill my main expectation, that is getting back to these pages in five years from now and see what I've been up to, how many stupid mistakes I've been making and how would my life back then look from a distance. Worth giving it a shot, so you might expect a few more notes (and maybe some additional noise). And should I fall in the blog silence trap again, just keep on poking. :)



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