(Commercial) Open Source Armageddon

I'm so swamped these days that I barely have time to catch up with my work email, go figure what's happening to my blog feeds. There is however just too much bait out there to shut up, so I urge you to have a look at the whole stir about organic Open Source, vendor openness, the role of communities and, generally speaking, Open Source sustainability as a whole. 

You know where I stand: I'm an ardent community fan, and I contend that there is no viable Open Source model (let alone a business model) taking communities out of the equation. You know how I believe that Commercial Open Source as we know it is going to be down the drain in just a few years. You know how I believe that the vast majority of Open Source "vendors" are just proprietary companies in disguise, trying to piggyback on the all-things-open hype without a coherent – let alone compelling – market proposition.

It's good to see the Open Source think-tank is realizing the serious challenge ahead. Commercial Open Source Armageddon is approaching and, believe it or not, it's a Good Thing: VC market rules will kick in, new interesting initiatives will blossom, surviving Commercial Open Source players will turn and fold into hybrids models and we will still have fun with great Open Source software (and make money while at it) in an open world.

Can't wait.

The long tail treasure trove – slides available!

JavaOne is the usual blast: I'm trying to keep up with the meeting/session/party frenzy and I'm definitely disappointed in going home early (I will be back on a plane tomorrow afternoon). Our talk was, once again, very well received by an impressive and participative audience: while it's hard to pack 30-odd Open Source projects in 50 minutes, me and Brian had a great time bouncing Open Source libraries all over the place.

A number of attendees asked about slides: it took me some time to find a decent network connection (the hotel Wi-Fi wasn't all that cooperative yesterday evening and the JavaOne network … well, let's say everything else works here), but I finally managed to upload them both on Slideshare and on the Sourcesense site. Enjoy!