Announcing Baby Pongo

In case you were wondering where I've been, well, let's say that life has been quite hectic and busy in the past few months. All of my free time has been occupied by the greatest project I have ever been involved with, and here is a sneak preview:


Baby Pongo (that's our internal codename, AKA the first that came to mind a few weeks ago, and no, it's not going to stick) is now 13 weeks old, and seems to have fun kicking and swimming around. Things haven't been quite easy, as the first stage of pregnancy required my wife to stay home with a full rest policy: yours truly, as you can imagine, has been spending quite a bit of time back in Italy as of late, caring for my wife and the baby, while still going through a massive amount of great stuff at work which didn't fail to keep me busy and traveling around. 

As everything seems to get under control, I'm planning to slowly resurface, resume blogging, spend more time back in the UK and overall return to a normal life. If you didn't hear from me in the past few weeks, please accept my apologies and don't hesitate to kick my backside.

Meanwhile, you now will understand why I'm looking thrilled and overjoyed, enjoying as much as I can the next few months, and counting every minute from now to December 28th (talk about an interesting Christmas!).