SpringSource on a slippery slope

This just in, thanks Bertrand:

Rod Johnson: “Anyone who refuses to compile an open source project under any circumstances doesn’t really believe in open source: they believe in other people working for them for free.”

I couldn’t agree more, but that’s not the heart of the problem. I actually happened to agree with Mark Brewer when he was explaining me the new SpringSource policy in Paris, yet I’m afraid they completely lost me if it’s true – as Steve notes – that they are keeping SCM build tags secret. What’s the next step? Taking the build files away? Introducing a voluntary typo in the code so that you actually have to fix it manually to recompile? I can somewhat understand software packaging as value you might sell a customer into, but Rod and friends are just about to cross the line with this decision.

SpringSource is running the serious risk of making some aggregators very happy or – worse – to see their code undergoing a community fork. For sure, community love is going down the drain, then we’ll see. All this to secure what, in the end?



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