A blast!

I’m slowly resurfacing from the Sourcesense day, our first (and highly overdue!) all-company meeting where we celebrated our third birthday and took the chance to finally put names to faces, enjoying an off-site day with presentations, brainstorming sessions, great food and a wine tasting contest, a big party in downtown Milano with many friends showing up, and a hackathon day in the Milan office which has been extremely productive in mixing together our impressive set of expertise and skill, learning from each other and finding lots of common ground.

Adrenaline has been keeping me up to what have been two very intense and gratifying days and, as any organizer, I have been completely blown up by the end of the meeting, looking forward to a week-end full of sleep to recharge batteries. I’m still in recovery mode, but I would do it again tomorrow and I am indeed looking forward to the next venue; I think I have learned more from these mere two days than in three years’ worth of hard work in creating a diverse, international and kick-ass team. It was just amazing to see how people coming from different backgrounds have been able to come up with a common vision, a set of shared values and a clear direction for the future.

The Sourcesense management will have a lot to digest in the upcoming weeks to keep up with the very high expectations from the team (my plate is now full with many action points), yet I’m confident this meeting has been a turnaround point to all of us, and a way to sit down and admire the impressive achievements we managed to score during the past three years. I still don’t know – though I’m going to find out soon – what parenting means, but I have to note how filled with pride I have been in seeing how we managed to grow from a guy, a rough plan and a DSL line to a room packed with people coming from all over the world and working towards a common goal.

Thanks to all who attended: it’s been a real blast, and I can’t wait to do it again.



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