Hello, world!

I’m Alessandra Rabellino and I was born little more than an hour ago. Mom has been great and she’s doing fine, Dad will get back to you soon with more news. Hello, world!



35 thoughts on “Hello, world!”

  1. Congrats Gianugo! A daughter as a first-born, I’m sure you’re one hell of a proud dad. Enjoy those precious first months, they’re over before you know it. 🙂

  2. Welcome Alessandra, and congrats to your Mom and Dad!

    And don’t be afraid of the weather outside. You’ll discover that so much snow is not common, and that it’s actually fun when turned into balls that you throw at Dad 🙂

  3. Heartfelt congratulations, sorry it’s taken me almost two weeks to find out and post this comment.

    I sincerely hope that the three of you are enjoying the first steps of being a family and that the next weeks and months are a voyage of discovery that you will remember forever.

    Best as always


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