Hiring better than myself

While I have mixed feelings about Guy Kawasaki, I find some of his advice absolutely crucial to running a successful company. One of my mantras has always been the “hire better than yourself” motto, and this pragmatic yet effective advice guided me into building an incredible team in Sourcesense, where I am constantly amazed by the quality, diversity and general coolness of people involved. The side effect is that I am the crappy one, but I can live with that. 🙂

The very latest example is our new hire, who has just been announced. I knew Marco Abis as one of the founders of the Italian Agile Movement, the father of the Italian edition of the Agile Day and a guy who successfully managed to climb the ladder to directorship at nothing short than ThoughtWorks: an amazing set of credentials indeed. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person one year ago during my shorter-than-expected London stay, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Fast forward a few months and when he approached me early this year asking some information about Sourcesense and how we are building a great stance in the Agile community, I just couldn’t resist pitching him a position in London as I was convinced he would be the perfect fit to take over my interim position as the next person in charge for the UK market. We soon found out we spoke the same language and actually didn’t have to bother speaking too much as we had a lot of shared neurons. I am now just overjoyed in seeing him sitting beside me as the brand new Managing Director for Sourcesense UK: we are now going through an impressive list of business opportunities which will keep him busy for years to come, yet I’m positive Marco will do a lot more good to this company than just business.

I will be spending the whole month of April in London with Marco, visiting existing and new contacts, recruiting new staff and making sure he’s able to hit the ground running. If you’re about, we will be both available not just for business meetings: lots of beers and party will be in order!



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  1. You should always hire better than yourself, otherwise how else will you learn? most people are afraid they will get overtaken, selfishness does not progress the company now does it?

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