Time for some news: BPmo is on his way

Whoa – six months have passed since my last post, clearly there is something wrong with my blogging schedule. It’s not like I’m lacking interesting stuff to write about, it’s just that free time has become quite an abstract concept over here: let’s just say that I’m an ecstatic new father, a busy man and someone who hit the golf course just once this year (and yes, I was crap). Life is being extremely good to me, though, so I guess this is a great time to share some news. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say:

In case you are wondering, yes, that is a picture of our upcoming second child. BPmo (you might remember we have a twist for code names: for the curious in you, this is our abbreviation of “Bambino Piccolissimo”) is about to enter his 13th week, and seems to be keeping with the tradition of doing a lot of kicking around.

Mom is fine, and we are overjoyed to say the least, despite being more than a bit surprised by the quite unexpected news of doubling our joy a mere 8 months after Alessandra joined us (by the way, she’s a darling). Stay tuned and keep this blog subscribed – chances are I might write something every now and then, just don’t expect much from here to May 15th: keeping with the tradition, you will be the first to know.



12 thoughts on “Time for some news: BPmo is on his way”

  1. great news! Congratulations.
    From the title my first thought was “oh no, another business process modelling tool coming… hummm… weird diagram…”

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