Time to move on

Now that the important news is out (and starts sleeping at night), the time has come for another announcement: as of May 4th I have left Sourcesense.

To many this might come as a shock, and I have troubles believing it myself: after all, I founded the company five years ago, so my departure has special meaning and lots of emotional baggage. It was not an easy decision by any means, yet a number of factors made me realize the time had come to move on and start looking for my next endeavor. And, in the meantime, enjoy my newly enlarged family: I am now a quasi-full-time dad, looking forward to spending the summer with my beloved ones, and I have never been happier. Sourcesense remains a cool company to work with and for: it is now in the capable hands of Marco Abis and you should definitely get in touch if you are looking for kick-ass consultants or a great place to work.

What’s next for me, then? Truth is, I don’t know and, in fairness, I haven’t been hunting for jobs in any serious fashion thus far: I do have a few very interesting talks, and I’m expecting some of them to turn into actual offers, and I am also toying with a few ideas to start something afresh (gotta love that new startup smell). But I do intend to take my time, and some rest as well. And yes, I will keep this blog posted with my progress: in the meantime, please update your addressbooks and know that g.rabellino@sourcesense.com isn’t going to last, so if you need to get in touch the safest bet will be gianugo@rabellino.it. More to come!



9 thoughts on “Time to move on”

  1. Goodbye Gianugo,
    I wish you all the best, enjoy your family until the next adventure!


  2. Good luck in your new professional life !

    A change is never a bad thing. I hope that sourcesense still makes sense without you 🙂

  3. All the best Gianugo. Let’s stay in touch, and enjoy your newest addition.


  4. I like Emmanuel’s pun: let’s hope Sourcesense still makes sense without you. But I know there’s a lot of great people there.

    Take a deep breath this summer with your family before jumping into your next endeavour!

  5. ouch. Hope to see you soon start up another great company. In the meantime, happy dad-ing!

  6. Hi Gianugo,
    we got shortly in touch a few time ago.
    My best wishes for your growing family and your future.
    Always pretty brave.

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