Off to Europe: coming to a city near you, and looking for beers!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am off to Europe this coming Saturday, visiting four countries in six days (yikes!). More specifically I will be:

  • In Milano, Italy, Sunday 30th, Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st. Would love to hang out for beers and some great pizza (have been missing that) on Monday. Anyone?
  • in Munich, Germany, arriving Tuesday 1st and leaving the day after. I’m on an early flight and I count to hit downtown for food and beers – make yourself heard!
  • in London, UK. arriving on Wednesday 2nd, leaving on Friday 4th. Planning a serious pub crawl on Thursday, care to join?
  • and finally in Brussels , Belgium on Friday and Saturday. I plan to attend FOSDEM of course, but I’m also considering checking out how the Brussels venue of Amadeus compares to their Ghent counterpart. Anyone up for a real man serving of spare ribs?

It will be quite a trip, packed full with meetings and a lot of plane hopping. Looking forward to coming back and meet old friends on the other side of the pond!

Three months in the whirlwind

Well, hello world! It’s been quite a while since my last post, and every single day since then has been a crazy, exciting and furious whirlwind. Since October 18th, my life has al been about relocating the family to the US and getting acquainted with my job in Microsoft. And that makes two crazy tasks rolled into one: relocation has been overall smooth – and the Microsoft relocation team are nothing but angels – but still it has been a humongous list of big stuff and gory details, from preschool arrangements to getting SSNs and driving licenses, from buying a car to getting used to “italian sausage” with fennel seeds. Luckily enough we just found a house and our goods should be on a ship by now, so if everything goes as planned it will be housewarming party time sometimes in early March. That will be a huge load off my back.

Work-wise it has been even crazier. I cannot even begin to describe how this company is huge, multi-faceted and incredible in many ways. For this Italian guy coming from small and medium companies, adjusting to the different pace and level of interaction has been a very interesting journey. It is still striking after three months to see how Open Source is all over the place. When I first joined, I was given the task to meet the people in the company with a stake in Open Source: three months have come and gone, my agenda has been beyond ridiculous, and I’m not done yet. By far. It seems that every single time I meet someone, I am given at least two more names of people I should talk to. I am now about to pack for a trip to Europe (will write a separate post shortly) and I know that will mean a few more notebooks packed with information, and another pile on the todo list. The good news is that all of that will be interesting stuff.

I sure hope to see a lot of you in person as I travel the world in the upcoming months. In the meantime, if you fancy a nugget of what I am here about, here is a short video of a roundtable that has just been posted on Channel 9: