Off to Europe: coming to a city near you, and looking for beers!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am off to Europe this coming Saturday, visiting four countries in six days (yikes!). More specifically I will be:

  • In Milano, Italy, Sunday 30th, Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st. Would love to hang out for beers and some great pizza (have been missing that) on Monday. Anyone?
  • in Munich, Germany, arriving Tuesday 1st and leaving the day after. I’m on an early flight and I count to hit downtown for food and beers – make yourself heard!
  • in London, UK. arriving on Wednesday 2nd, leaving on Friday 4th. Planning a serious pub crawl on Thursday, care to join?
  • and finally in Brussels , Belgium on Friday and Saturday. I plan to attend FOSDEM of course, but I’m also considering checking out how the Brussels venue of Amadeus compares to their Ghent counterpart. Anyone up for a real man serving of spare ribs?

It will be quite a trip, packed full with meetings and a lot of plane hopping. Looking forward to coming back and meet old friends on the other side of the pond!



6 thoughts on “Off to Europe: coming to a city near you, and looking for beers!”

  1. I’d love to have a beer and pizza with you, I cannot be sure to be there because of Angela is on her last days of pregnancy 🙂


  2. Hope to see you in Brussels / at FOSDEM. Where are you staying in Brussels? I’ll be at the Renaissance Hotel where I’ve stayed very comfortably for the last two FOSDEMs.

  3. @niq: I believe I will be staying at the Sheraton in Place Rogier (v. close to the Microsoft offices). See you there!

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