The Sunday post: dumplings, dedication and passion

This post begins a new category devoted to cooking experiences. My rather stressful life requires a few moments for myself, where I’m able to devote my brain to something different that requires concentration and dedication: in the past few months I found myself doing more cooking and enjoying it a lot. Finding the recipe, getting the right ingredients, slicing, dicing and – finally – cooking is a great way to move from the virtual electrons on my computer screen to something tangible that shapes up in front of me, with the full glory of smell, texture, temperature and appearance. A great source of relax, which I thought I could share on this blog.

Proper cooking requires time, and this is why I indulge in it only on weekends, typically on Sunday, hence the title for this and all subsequent posts. Don’t expect formal recipes, though: you’ll see stories, anecdotes, jokes and tales of an amateur cook.

This category requires me to break a rule I set to myself: as much as I hate splitting the posts into summaries and body, I have to consider how most of my readers aren’t coming over here for cooking stuff. As this kind of posts need quite a bit of room to breathe, I will have to swallow my pride and have just summaries flying around. Feel free to come over here anytime to read the full story, of course.

Without further ado, then, here comes a tale of passion, dedication and dumplings.
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