Tired but happy

Crazy days. Incredibly busy and running around to ensure that everything will be settled for the upcoming event of next week. Really interesting though: it has been great working with nice guys scattered on different countries, with different background and cultures but sharing a common mindset and working towards a common goal to build new and interesting stuff. More to follow on Monday… now it’s time to rest for the weekend and help my little brother with his final high school exams (and if you’re Italian, you know what I mean).

Note to myself: for the future, avoid PR agencies as the plague.

The tilde syndrome

This blog stuff is quite amazing. You want to try and post something just for the sake of it, but then you face this blank screen and just don’t know what to do. Anyway, this is a test from MozBlog: I like the idea of surfing and blogging at the same time, but still have to understand if this baby can really do what I need: for one, links don’t work as advertised.

(And if you don’t know what the “tilde syndrome” is, just fire up ‘vi’…)

Giving up…

It took me much longer than I expected, but finally I gave up and opened my blog (thanks Steven!). This is actually a good time to see if this blogging stuff actually works: I must admit that I’m still a bit skeptical about people actually wondering what’s up with me and caring about what I write here, and this was basically the reason for waiting so long before opening my space.

Truth is I find myself more and more into reading other’s blogs, and from time to time I’m willing to reply to others, so it might well be that, from time to time, someone might be interested in reading mine too. So here we go.