Going public

So this will be the last post on my faithful cocoondev blog as well as the first (official) post on the new one. I need to thank Steven for being so king to host me on his machine: it has been a nice first experiment in blogging, but after 5 years I finally had the occasion to move to my old faithful domain, and I just had to grasp it before work starts pouring again (first showers are already there, BTW, but it looks like it will be a fun ride). Stay tuned for more news: now that I have no more excuses, the next challenge is becoming a full citizen of BlogLand and not just a casual user.


At last! After a couple of months of enormous struggling, I’m finally settling down somehow, slowly catching up with all I left behind.

Short version: we have a new house and a new, powerful ADSL line with a static IP (courtesy of my employer): it sure seemed a very good time to clear the dust off my faithful SparcStation 4 (ah, memories!) to see if I could get something useful out of it.

So, I’m back blogging or, better, betablogging since there are quite a few rough edges to sort out: will the poor 32MB, 60Mhz and 200MB free-disk Sun pizza box survive any load? Will this Linotype based experiment suit what I need from a weblog? Well, I guess time will tell.

For the curious in you: the Sparc4 machine, of course, isn’t running Cocoon. The Cocoon application is running on my notebook, with blog contents being dumpedon the local disk courtesy of wget (I had some weird issues with the Cocoon CLI insisting to rename my .css into .css.html) and rsync’ed to the web server, which is then serving just a static site.

So, this is Apache 1.3.27 (latest binary available from Sunfreeware, did I mention that I have no compiler on the baby since gcc just doesn’t work?) serving you pages generated by a very slightly modified (path adjustments mainly) version of Linotype: as soon as some cash flows in, the Sparcky will be replaced by something able to run Cocoon directly. The photograph on the left is an old picture of the Lanterna located in Genoa, a small tribute to the place I come from.

Aluminium blogging

Sometimes you’re so lucky to be the right man in the right place at the right time.
Pier bought a brand new Aluminium 15″ TiBook in Italy, and
I am supposed to meet him on Monday: so I was asked to carry it for him to England and now I have a full two-day time
to mess up with his new baby.

Impressive stuff: I’ve been using it since an hour or so and I still don’t have that “sluggish” feeling that
Macs almost always gave me, so probably there is quite enough horse power underneath. The new design,
BTW, it’s just great, and the backlit keyboard is impressive. Airport worked without an itch and so did
Bluetooth (I needed to disconnect my earphone though). The screen is, as always, great stuff and overall
I’m falling in love (again). Well well well… time to start saving, Christmas is not that far after all.

Update: It’s actually Aluminum and not Aluminium. Good point for a spelling challenge. :-)

Proud to be Apache

Today the ASF joined the European campaign against the software patents (http://swpat.ffii.org). It has been great to work together with the great Apache people and, in a matter of hours, decide everything from the announcement text to the operational infrastructure and shut down all the Apache sites in protest. Today I feel particularily proud of being part of the ASF!

Il mio primo post!!!

Finalmente sono riuscito a mettere le mani sul blog di G. (non c’� voluto molto, � stato sufficiente ululare come un maiale che deraglia in curva, allertando met� condominio (e trattandosi per lo pi� di vecchini ultracentenari, si pu� sempre sperare che si liberi qualche appartamento, come effetto collaterale…

Non per altro, ma perch� aveva smesso di scrivere da pi� di un mese, e sopra tutto aveva smesso di scrivere di s�, e questo mi spiace… una cosa tipo “le roboanti imprese di bufforino”, ai limiti della delazione, tanto per intendersi…

Dimenticavo… i pi� attenti tra voi si saranno accorti che non scrivo in inglese… non perch� non ne sia capace (posso declamare Shakespeare meglio di qualsiasi altro magut della bergamasca), ma perch� mi pare sempre di perdere qualcosa… come affrontare una salita col rapporto sbagliato… ricordate Roscioli sui tornanti dell’Alto de Cat� in una delle prime tappe della Vuelta di qualche anno fa? una cosa del genere…

…babelfish mi offre generosamente, come traduzione di “rapporto sbagliato”, “mistaken relationship”… come si dir� rapporto? l’aggeggio del coso del crankle set? hmmm…

ah il titolo… ero indeciso tra “prova” e “il mio primo post”, con punti esclamativi a piacere. Ho optato per “il mio primo post” perch� maggiormente descrittivo…

Aggregating, finally

Maybe my quest for a good RSS aggregator is over. This baby works on Mozilla and seems pretty cool.
Too bad it’s screwing up, for some unkown reasons, my MozBlog setup: MozBlog now appears as a right sidebar and no more as a bottom pane, which makes a bit painful to edit stuff. I’ll see if there is a solution tomorrow, but so far I’m quite impressed with NewsGator.

Mistery words

Today I was casually googling for Orixo, and I found out that Google was suggesting me to search for “orixa” instead. I was curious and digged a bit on that word, to find just misterious portuguese sites citing that name but in a way that I couldn’t really grasp  (very little portuguese spoken here…).

Luckily, one of my bosses is quite fond of Brasil, so I finally found out that Orixà (accented) is a word linked to african religious traditions imported by the slaves, mixed in centuries with Christianity and part of the popular culture of many north-eastern brasilians.

The exact meaning should indicate altogether the deities of this religion, something like Exú, Lógunnède, Nanã, Obá, Obaluayiê, Ogun, Òrúnmìlà, Ossain, Oxalá, Oxóssi, Oxun, Oxumaré, Oyá, Tempo, Xangô, Yemanjá. Now, if anyone knows more on this topic, expecially on the exact translation of this term, I’d be very interested to learn.

Nice to see, on another site, that Orixà is translated as “forces of nature”: not exactly what we meant when we finally decided for the Orixo name, but nevertheless it sounds good. :-)

Yes,  you never stop learning.

How many lawyers does it take to be a geek?

From time to time people discover that actually I am a lawyer and start wondering how is it so and how I found myself doing Open Source and tech stuff instead.

I got tired of telling the story every time, so now that I have this mini-site I can finally tell people “this information is on my weblog”. :-) Beware: it’s quite a long read.
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